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Past Year End Awards/Results/Points        
2014 POINTS    AzRHA 2014 EOY Open Points   AzRHA 2014 EOY Non-Pro Points    AzRHA 2014 EOY Rookie & Green Reiner Points   AzRHA 2014 EOY Youth Points   AzRHA 2014 EOY Open Rider of the Year   AzRHA 2014 EOY Reiner of the Year   AzRHA 2014 EOY Horse of the Year   AzRHA 2014 EOY Arabian Horse of the Year  Please note: Please see the Year End Rules Link for complete rules regarding Year End Points  Payouts are only available to those riders/owners  who have provided a valid Social Security Number to the AzRHA Show Secretary and must be written  on each and every entry form, at every show.   Every effort has been made to calculate points accurately.  If you notice any discrepancies, please contact   2014 SHOW RESULTS:  ARIZONA SUN CIRCUIT &  AzRHA RAF QUALIFIER #1  Official Results   Arizona Sun Circuit and AzRha Qualifier #1    AzRHA SPRING STAMPEDE    Official Results   Official Results - Green Rider  HOOFBEATS WITH HEART    Slate 1 Results  Slate 2 Results Mother's Day Slide Results    MDS Slate 1 results   MDS Green Reiner - Slate 1 results   MDS Green Reiner - Slate 2 results  MDS - Slate 2 results  AZRHA 2014 MDS Revised Results - Ltd Non Pro Class - Slate 2 BEST OF THE WEST Results  Unofficial Results Open, NP, Youth & Rookie  Unofficial Results - Green Rider   Unofficial Futurity Results    AzRHA AUTUMN SLIDE    Unofficial Results
2013 2013 POINTS OPEN DIVISION POINTS NON PRO DIVISION POINTS ROOKIE/GREEN DIVISION POINTS YOUTH DIVISION POINTS  OPEN RIDER OF THE YEAR  REINER OF THE YEAR  HORSE OF THE YEAR  ARABIAN HORSE OF THE YEAR  Our Loss Joan Levine 2012 2012 YEAR END POINTS AND AWARDS Update From AzRHA 2012 Schedule 2011 Arizona Reining Horse Association Wins Team Competition At NRHA Southwest U.S. Regional Affiliate Finals CONGRATULATIONS   to all the Arizona Reiners at this year's NRHA Derby Special Update from AzRHA 2011 Schedule 2011 Sponsors  2011 Points  Our Loss Bill Horn